Chakras Gran Canaria – Artšamag

Chakras Gran Canaria – Artšamag

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Artšamag and you can easily find Chakras Gran Canaria!

I create works of art, full of love and light. You can see it on my uniqe paintings decorated with beautiful specific gemstones or unusual accessories, e.g. Angels of Love.

They are made from mineral stones too. Each of my work is make with love and full of my energy. In each of my works there is everything you need for proper functioning and happy living.

My gift allows me setting up the etheric body, opening energy nodes and chakras, triggerring emotions and accompanying the souls. I also can cancel the curse and custody. I’m creating the protection for etheric body. I’m the light, I’m love. You must know that illness or injury is a gift from your ego and your mind. I can explain to you, why diseases are recurring and why everything is cycling.

So with every visit, I give you knowledge and explanation of things in your life and i can increase the frequency of your being.

Chakras Gran Canaria – Artšamag

Address : Calle Bernardo de la Torre, 55 –  35007 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Las Palmas)

Telephone: +34 690 720 025


Opening hours: Monday -Saturday: 11.00 -20.00 | Sunday: Cerrado






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