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Playa del Ingles Pizzeria – Grande Torino

ARE YOU LOOKING FOR AN PLAYA INGLES PIZZERIA? With Restaurante Grande Torino you can easily find an Italian Pizzeria at Playa del Ingles! If you want fresh fish, authentic Italian pizza, fresh pasta, tagliatella, truffles, porcini mushrooms, craft beers. Exactly! If you like fruits and beer, you can find Jaira artisanal beer. Local craft beer…

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Sapore di Mare – Italian Restaurant San Agustin

ARE YOU LOOKING FOR AN ITALIAN RISTORANT SAN AGUSTIN? Sapore di Mare You can easily find by Italian Ristorante San Agustin! If you like to eat Italian fish, meat, pizza and Italian specialties such as fresh pasta, we are the ideal Italian Restaurant for you. You can find us in San Agustín Gran Canaria.  …

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