Maspalomas massage service

Maspalomas massage service

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With Holistic Massage you can easily find a massage service in Maspalomas!

Holistic massage is a massage technique that involves not only the body, but also the spirit, emotions and energies of the whole body. Holistic massage is by definition a treatment that considers the whole person, with its bioenergetic and anatomical characteristics, and that serves to restore the natural energy balance.

It combines different massage techniques, acting on the energy meridians and, sometimes, combining several other natural therapies such as crystal therapy, aromatherapy and chromotherapy.  These are minimally invasive manipulations that help reduce stress, relax and calm the mind.

If you want a holistic massage performed by a professional, contact the holistic massage in Maspalomas de Gran Canaria


Maspalomas massage service – Holistic Massage

Address : Even at your home – 35109 Maspalomas ( Gran Canaria)

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Monday – Sunday : 9.00 – 21.00




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